Fraser Valley Open Competition SUNDAY Sunday May 1st 2016
Highland Dancing Results

Beginner 7 Emerson Kinney,
Beginner 8 Sophia Kamps,
Beginner 9 and Over Vienna McKenzie,
Hornpipe 11 and Under Kate Bonar,
Hornpipe 12 and 13 Elise Berrevoets,
Hornpipe 14 and 15 Owen Goodman,
Hornpipe 16 and 17 Kaylee Finnegan,
Hornpipe 18 and Over Mellisa Carnegie,
Intermediate 8 and Under Lizzy Kelly,
Intermediate 9 and Over Avery Ward,
Novice 10 and Under Samantha Watson,
Novice 11 and Over Davin Venema,
Premier 10 and Under Aurora Knowles,
Premier 11 Kate Bonar,
Premier 12 Peyton Luxmoore,
Premier 13 Elise Berrevoets,
Premier 14 and 15 Nicola Theim,
Premier 16 and 17 Kaylee Finnegan,
Premier 18 and Over Jillian Peacock,
Primary 4 and 5 Ciana Lowis Holliday,
Primary 6 Oriana Knowles,
Special Beg 7 Mackenna Brown,
Special Beg 8 Jocelyn Kamps,
Special Beg 9 and Over Matisse Ward,
Special Int 8 and Under Lizzy Kelly,
Special Int 9 and Over Megan Glasser,
Special Nov 10 and Under Natalie Martin,
Special Nov 11 and Over Davin Venema,
Computed by Highland Scrutineer (