2017 Sat Fraser Valley Open Competition 29 April 2017
Highland Dancing Results

Beginner 10 and Over Overall: Jasmine Padgham,
Beginner 8 and Under Overall: Emilia Lukinchuk,
Beginner 9 Overall: Nicole Leitao,
Intermediate 10 and Under Overall: Jordyn Peace,
Intermediate 11 and Over Overall: Samantha Watson,
Novice 8 and Under Overall: Keira Maloney,
Novice 9 and Over Overall: Isabella O Hearn,
Pre Championship 13 Years and Under Overall: Celeste Roy,
Pre Championship 14 Years and Over Overall: Tazi Rahiman,
Primary 4 and 5 years Overall: Hailey MacMillan,
Primary 6 Years Overall: Lauren Jamieson,
Computed by Highland Scrutineer (www.highlandscrutineer.com)