About Highland Dancing

Highland Dancing can be seen at nearly every modern day Highland games event.  It is a highly competitive and technical form of dance that requires many hours of practice and training over several years. Highland dancing is similar to ballet with respect to the technical requirements and training required for its performance. 

Dancers are judged on:

  • Timing
    • The ability of the dancer to follow the rhythm of the music in the dance. Dancers must place feet, arms and head in very precise positions simultaneously with the music.
  • Technique
    • The dancer’s footwork and the coordination of head, arms and hands. Good positioning of the feet is most important.
  • General deportment
    • This concerns the dancer’s interpretation and ability to capture The spirit and motif of the dance and includes balance, overall appearance, bearing and carriage of the head, arms, body and hands. Upright posture is essential, and the dancers must exhibit a happy demeanor. Although the dances are very athletic, they must be danced with seeming ease, with no signs of strain and free of elaborate showiness.

Competition Levels


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