FVHDA Academic Scholarship:

The FVHDA has approved the introduction of an academic scholarship for highland dancers who have devoted years of their lives in the pursuit of Highland Dancing.

Each scholarship will be to a maximum of $500.00.  The number of, and dollar value of, scholarships offered annually will vary depending on the number of qualified applicants, and the net proceeds from the dance season.

ELIGIBILITY: This scholarship will be open to current registered dancers in good standing who are high school graduates preparing to enrol in their first year of academic studies beyond high school.

Dancers need to have danced with the FVHDA at our closed competitions for the last three consecutive years. Exceptions will only be made for dancers who have recently moved to the area and joined the FVHDA, providing they were registered with their previous local association.

Our Scholarship Information Package is available here.

High School External Credit:

BC Secondary Schools offer external course credit for Highland Dancing.

UHLD 11 – Highland Dancing 11

UHLD 12 – Highland Dancing 12

These external course credits are awarded based on both theory and practical exams

with the SDTA, BATD, or UKA that the dancer has completed.

Link to info on external credits

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